Quit your whining and get your butt up there!?!?

I've had a lot of feedback on this month's class warm-up (it's all been very positive thank you) but everyone seems to be having trouble with the Hanging Leg Raise.  Take a few minutes to watch the video below to get some good pointers as well as acceptable substitutes for this exercise that you can attempt.  Other than that - Quit your whining and get you butt up there!?!? :)

Kettlebell Overhead Squat

Nothing, and I mean NOTHING, shows the synergy between strength, coordination and flexibility like the Kettlebell Overhead Squat.  You need to all three in order to be able to perform this technique and that's the reason why you see so few people attempting it.  The video shows our very own Dorothy Dalton (from Stand Corrected Chiropractic) doing an extended set of Overhead Squats.  Her attention to form and strngth in this demonstration is fantastic!