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Tomato or Tomatoe?

You can argue about the spelling of tomato and tomatoe, potato or potatoe, gray or grey, etc.  What you can't argue about is unsafe or questionable technique.  The trainer in the following video is great, well spoken and concise, but is a little off in his demo of the KB swing.  Watch his hips, knees and feet for tell-tale problems with power generation and absorption...

KB 101 Workshop in Gaithersburg, MD (09/20/09)

2ha_small This five-hour workshop will cover an introductory level technique progression of the core single kettllebell lifts: the Deadlift, Swing, Clean, Squat, Military Press and Snatch.

These techniques will be demonstrated and analyzed from various standpoints to ensure that attendees have a complete and thorough understanding of each kettlebell techniques uses, strengths and weaknesses.

Emphasis will be placed on developing effective, safe and transferable skills between the various kettlebell techniques as well as developing coordination and timing for complex and compound kettlebell lifts.

For tuition and group discount information contact Mike Krivka at 301/404-2571 or via email.