You don't need a gym full of machines! You are the Machine!
Are you getting anywhere?

Manage the Trajectory or it will Manage you!


Yeah. I know you've heard this from a lot of people but it is just not true!

If they are telling you that it's because they don't have a background in other forms of weightlifting or they are short-sighted when it comes to the realities of load on technique.

Let me put it this way: the only thing that a Swing has in common with a Snatch or a Clean is the Backswing.

The Backswing is the technique you use to load and unload the system and is one of the most important aspects of effective and safe Kettlebell training.

NOTE: if they start talking about "taming the arc" they are just demonstrating how little they understand. There is a markedly different "arc" in the Swing and the Clean/Snatch and you should be able to see and feel it.


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