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Training and Nutritional Resources

KbHere are some resources I have found helpful in deepening my knowledge on training, nutrition, and recovery. The individuals listed are experts in their respective fields that offer a wealth of information and research that can benefit anyone interested in improving their lives. Please note that this is not an exhaustive list, and if you have any resources you would like to share, feel free to send them my way to be added.

Physical Therapy Resources

  • Squat University - Squat University - excellent resource on prehab, rehab, and exercise mechanics. They are constantly producing new content for their Instagram account and their YouTube channel.
  • Bob and Brad - Bob and Brad are physical therapists with lots of practical, hands-on techniques for managing most situations that require PT. They have a very comprehensive YouTube channel with almost five million subscribers. 
  • Gray Cook - Gray Cook is the co-founder of the Functional Movement Systems and a huge proponent of kettlebell and indian club training. His knowledge, and experience working with top-tier athletes, is unparalleled. He has over 35,000,000 videos on YouTube.
  • Dr. Kelly Starrett - Dr. Kelly Starrett is THE physical therapist to a generation of Crossfitters. His books, “Becoming a Supple Leopard” and “Built to Move”, are excellent resources for any trainer, as is his extensive YouTube channel.
  • Dr. Stuart McGill - Dr. Stuart McGill - universally known as the “Back Guy”, Dr. McGill is a master at understanding the back and how to prehab/rehab it. He also has numerous videos on his YouTube channel discussing back care and training.

Training Instructional Resources

  • Dan John - Dan John is an internationally recognized strength and conditioning coach, author of more than a dozen books, and podcaster. His knowledge and experience in the practical aspects of training and strength are encyclopedic. The Dan John University is a treasure trove of information for trainers and laymen alike.
  • Tim Anderson - Tim Anderson is the co-founder of Original Strength, a system of movement and breathing designed to help people rediscover their natural movement patterns and enhance their physical and mental performance. Anderson has written several books and also hosts a podcast called "Original Strength Podcast," where he discusses movement, health, and wellness with experts in the field.
  • Marty Gallagher - Marty Gallagher is a renowned strength and conditioning coach, powerlifting champion, and author. He has coached numerous powerlifters, weightlifters, and athletes in various sports, and has written several books on strength training and fitness. Gallagher is also a frequent guest on podcasts (RAW), blogs (Tim Ferriss) and radio shows. 
  • Michael Krivka - Michael Krivka is a Master RKC with over two decades of experience training with and teaching Russian Kettlebells. CrossFit Koncepts, Michael Krivka’s gym is the oldest CrossFit gym in Maryland, and has been in operation for over 15 years. The CrossFit Koncepts website is a great resource for training, nutrition, and sleep information and additional content and instructional videos hosted on his YouTube channel.

Nutrition/Sleep/Recovery Resources

  • Whoop - The Whoop is a wearable fitness tracker designed to help athletes and fitness enthusiasts optimize their training and recovery. It tracks a variety of metrics, including heart rate variability, sleep quality, and recovery status, and uses this data to provide personalized insights and recommendations for optimizing your training and recovery.
  • Dr. Andrew Huberman - Dr. Andrew Huberman is a neuroscientist and professor of neuroscience at Stanford University. Dr. Huberman is also a popular public speaker and educator. He hosts a podcast called "Huberman Lab," where he interviews other scientists and experts in the field of neuroscience., and he has also appeared on several popular podcasts and YouTube channels.
  • Dr. Peter Attia - Dr. Peter Attia is a physician and researcher specializing in longevity and healthspan optimization. He is the founder of Attia Medical and a prolific writer and speaker, having authored numerous articles, blog posts, and a book. He hosts a popular podcast called "The Drive", has a very popular YouTube Channel, and has given several TED Talks on the subject of longevity and healthspan.
  • Dr. Gabrielle Lyon - Dr. Gabrielle Lyon is a physician and nutrition expert with a focus on muscle-centric medicine. She is the founder of the Institute for Muscle-Centric Medicine and has been featured in various media outlets, such as Forbes and Women's Health, and has a very popular YouTube Channel. Her approach emphasizes the importance of resistance training and adequate protein intake to optimize overall health and longevity.


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