Daylight Saving Time (DST) is not all that it's cut out to be!
Eat Better to Sleep Better

How to look and feel a decade younger

Mak_kbOn TV and social media you are being constantly bombarded by products that can make you look and feel younger. Most of them are just a modern version of "snake oil", while others are potentially toxic and dangerous.

So how do you navigate the BS and actually do something to roll back the clock? It's simple, or at least it's not too complicated, if you are willing to make some lifestyle changes that will impact you today and in the future.

You are what you eat!

Common sense should tell you that if you stuff yourself with highly processed foods and drinks, that they are not going to support healthy physical and mental health. Instead, focus on getting as much of your nutrients from the periphery of the grocery store. In particular, from the butcher, the dairy case, and the vegetable aisle. By restricting your calories to this part of the grocery store, you are well on the way.

Intermittent Fasting

There is a significant amount of research that touts the benefits of intermittent fasting or restrictive time eating. All this means is that you restrict your eating to a very limited time frame, usually around six to eight hours. The rest of the day is spent in a fasting state, meaning that you are not consuming any calories that will break the fasting state. Drinking water, tea, or coffee, during this period is usually condoned. In it's simplest form, establishing an eating pattern that puts your first meal later in the day, and your last meal early in the evening, no later than 0700 pm, would be optimal.

Say "No" to stress

You've heard this before, but the more you can do to eliminate or reduce stress, the better off you will be short and long term. While stress would seem to only prey on the mind, it has deep responses both physically and chemically. Reducing stress can be as simple as walking outdoors in the sunshine, practicing meditation, playing with or petting your dog or cat, and reducing contact with people who stress you out.

Sleep like a baby

Often overlooked in our fast paced and hectic lifestyles, sleep is one of the foundational principles beyond living longer and healthier. If you are exercising, eating right, and reducing stress, but not getting enough sleep... well, let's just say that you need to get your house in order - NOW! Sleep, or a lack thereof, has an impact on every aspect of your life. There is no one single thing that you can do that will make a greater impact than establishing a good sleep routine and sticking to it. If you need help in finding what you can do to improve your sleep, just scroll through this website for a ton of information on how to improve that quality and quantity of your sleep.

Get Up and get moving

Like sleep, exercise has an impact on you at every level. Getting up and moving, even a little bit, will have an impact on your overall well being. Getting in several sessions a week, lasting sixty minutes or more, balanced between strength training and aerobic training, will have the most impact. But, if you can't fit in the amount of time per session, think about breaking up the longer sessions into shorter "movement snacks". Getting up every hour or so and going for a brisk walk will get you moving in the right direction. Adding on a short, intense weight living session, even one that's only ten minutes long, can make a big difference.

Look, nobody is going to live forever. No matter what you do, the grim reaper is going to catch up to all of us. But it doesn't make sense to live our "golden years" overweight,weak, sick, and sedentary. No matter what your age, young or old, if you adopt the principles outlined above, you will more than likely add quality days, months, and years to your life.


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