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February 2023

CrossFit Koncepts Testimonial from Dave

Dave DeSalleHere is what Dave, who has been training with us for over ten years and is an RKC (Russian Kettlebell Certified Instructor), has to say about his experience training at CrossFit Koncepts:

I began working out with Mike Krivka over 10 years ago and cannot overstate the value of his expert training.  I have benefitted beyond the obvious rewards and health results of strength and fitness training. I’ve heard Mike say that “Strong people are hard to kill.” I never understood this until I was on the receiving end of a speeding hit and run driver on December 12, 2022. 

The force of the collision blasted my vehicle into two additional cars in front of mine and made it undriveable. I was banged up, but thankfully suffered no severe injuries.  My doctor is a fitness enthusiast and wanted to go over my diagnostic imaging in detail to explain his findings.  I had muscle damage and suffered a mild concussion but had no broken bones, no ligament damage, and no permanent injuries. He pointed out enthusiastically that the “armor of muscle” that I had developed over years of training protected the rest of my body. My doctor admitted that he usually saw more severe injuries and often broken bones with this sort of collision. I later called Mike to tell him my story and to thank him for the excellent training.

I was able to return to work later that week and resumed working out again within 2 weeks once the pain and inflammation subsided. As of today (02/04/2023) my car is still in the repair shop, but I am back to working out.

Thanks for helping me to get strong Mike!

Great Sleep? It's all about CONSISTENCY and COLD!

Getting a good night's sleep is the foundation for physical and mental health. You can workout like a Demon, and diet like a Saint, but if you're not getting good quality sleep, it's all for naught! 

If you are a regular reader of the CrossFit Koncepts website, then you are familiar with Dr. Matthew Walker. He is an internationally recognized expert, author, and lecturer, on sleep. His TED Talk on sleep has over 9.5 million views!

In the video below, Dr. Walker talks about how to get to sleep, and improve the sleep you are getting. Not to spoil the big reveal, but he mentions two things that will improve your sleep:

1) CONSISTENCY - getting to bed and waking up at the same time every day. This allows your bodies biological cycles to become stable and train the body to prepare for sleep. 

2) COLD - your body needs to experience a drop in temperature to move into the sleep cycle. In order to do that, your bedroom needs to be significantly cooler than your body temperature. The optimal bedroom temperature? 65 degrees!

Here's the video so that you can get this information straight from Dr. Walker: