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Good Cholesterol? Bad Cholesterol? No Such Thing!

HDL LDLEvery day I come across at least two or three posts on the dangers of "bad cholesterol" and the benefits of "good cholesterol". These posts are written by people, all good intentions aside, have no idea what they are talking about and are just regurgitating bad information and bad science.

Do you know what Lipids and Lipoproteins are?

Do you know the difference between HDL and LDL?

Do you know the difference between HDL cholesterol and LDL Cholesterol?

Do you know what Apo B is and its importance?

If you are concerned about your cholesterol, or are taking medication to regulate it, you should really do some research into what is being manipulated and why it's important.

A very good place to start would be the following video, by Dr. Peter Attia, who is not only a Cardiologist, but he is world renowned expert on longevity. Check out the video, it's only 12 minutes long, and I can guarantee that you will no more about cholesterol than ninety-percent of the people writing posts on it!


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