Half Ass?
Training for (Massive) Failure

Small for the WIN!

Think about this: what if you were to dedicate yourself to becoming one percent better at something you love every day?

When you think about it, one percent is not a whole lot. 

But over a matter or days, weeks, months, and years, the changes you make will be MASSIVE!

So how do you make this work?

Pick something you want to improve then figure out how you can whittle away at it.

Want to get more, and better, sleep? Go to bed one minute earlier each night until your sleep quality and duration improves.

Want to eat more vegetables? Eat one carrot/celery stalk/brussels sprouts each day until you are eating some kind of quality, fibrous carbohydrate at every meal.

Want to improve your relationships? Tell one person that you love them... and you will change the world!


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