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Love yourself as much as you love your dog!

The fitness industry is a multi-billion dollar industry. Between gym memberships, online coaching, supplements, shoes, and clothing, there is serious money being made.

Americans spend an estimated $397 MILLION dollars on unused fitness memberships.

The average American, who actually works out, spends over $155/month and over $110,000 in their lifetime.

But what are they getting out of all that spending? Fatter, more out of shape and sicker.

The pet care industry is nothing to sneeze at.

Americans spend an estimated $110 BILLION on their pets per year. 

That's cats, dogs, ferrets, snakes, mice, etc. BTW - Dogs cost almost TWICE as much as cats... but that's because cats hate us!?!? :P

Yes. That's BILLIONS!

What does that tell you?

A Whole Lot of AWESOME!

Nothing replaces consistency and hard work. 


These three amazing woman embody that and more. They have the discipline, drive, and desire to do anything. They take time out of their day to take care of themselves, so that they can better take care of others.

If that isn't the definition of a STRONG Woman, and role model, I don't know what is.

Layering Skills

Layering Skills is a essential concept when it comes to (effective and efficient) training.

By properly layering, and developing, skills you are building a foundation that all the other skills are built upon.

That means that you have spent enough time (lots and lots of time) working on the foundational skills to understand and embody all aspects of them.

So, how can you get good at ANYTHING, if you are constantly doing stuff that has no relation to the foundational skills and their principles and concepts?

I don't know either...

Small for the WIN!

Think about this: what if you were to dedicate yourself to becoming one percent better at something you love every day?

When you think about it, one percent is not a whole lot. 

But over a matter or days, weeks, months, and years, the changes you make will be MASSIVE!

So how do you make this work?

Pick something you want to improve then figure out how you can whittle away at it.

Want to get more, and better, sleep? Go to bed one minute earlier each night until your sleep quality and duration improves.

Want to eat more vegetables? Eat one carrot/celery stalk/brussels sprouts each day until you are eating some kind of quality, fibrous carbohydrate at every meal.

Want to improve your relationships? Tell one person that you love them... and you will change the world!