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The Kettlebell Snatch

The Kettlebell Snatch has been described by many kettlebell "experts" as a "Swing that ends up overhead".

Now, not to throw too many stones at the "experts" out there... but while you CAN do that, you SHOULDN'T do that!

Why? Because a Swing to the overhead lockout is a grossly inefficient way to get the Kettlebell overhead. Not only is it harder to do, but there is no effective mechanism to decelerate the Kettlebell, other than using your shoulder joint as a brake. Something that you CAN do with a relatively light kettlebell, but only until you CAN'T do it anymore.

The most effective method to get the Kettlebell overhead is to tame the arc, keeping the elbow close to the body and let gravity decelerate the Kettlebell into the overhead lockout. The Kettlebell should "float" into the overhead position after having all of the energy bled off by gravity on the way up.

Not sure what this means? Take a look at the following video and see how the Kettlebell ends up overhead. No Swing. No Snap. No Stress on the shoulder.

Just a controlled explosion followed by a smooth deceleration and overhead lockout.


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