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The Deadlift is the Foundation for all other Lifts!

Arguably, we have a different approach to training at CrossFit Koncepts. This approach is the culmination of teaching and training people at our facility for over 15 years, as well as over four decades of lifting experience.

So when we say that the Deadlift is the foundation for all of your other lifts, we mean exactly that. If you have technical issues with your Deadlift, they will effect all the other lifts, grinds or ballistics.

The lessons learned from honing your Deadlift technique will put you at the head of the class when it comes to understanding how to properly generate force and speed, as well as give you the base to build other techniques upon.

What you see as Deadlifts on YouTube and Instagram is not a Deadlift. It's people pulling weights off of the ground, which fundamentally the opposite of what you want to do with the Deadlift.


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