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Deadlift Variations

Singles are the Key!

Take just a few minutes watching either YouTube or Instagram and you'll people doing some insane stuff in the gym. Some of it is just to get attention, and the rest of it is to get attention to how hard they are working or how much they are lifting. Invariably, the people doing these videos are not the best examples technique or form-wise. As a matter of fact, they are invariably one rep away from a "fail video".

When you're in the gym you need to optimize your time there. Doing insane workouts, with equally ridiculous rep schemes, are a waste of time in the long run. Instead, take your time and work on your technique by doing Singles. Let's say your WOD says " 05 Double KB Cleans", and some other stuff. How about making those 05 Double KB Cleans into 05 Singles instead? This will give you extra time working on your setup, your loading backswing, time in the racked position, the unloading backswing, and putting the KB's down safely.

It might take a little bit longer, but the time you spent working on Singles, will allow you to focus on each element of the lift and that extra attention will pay off in the long run and establish a strong platform for future lifts and increased loads.


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