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Caffeine: A Little Goes a Long Way


A little bit of caffeine, especially right before an intense workout, can actually be very beneficial. This has been known for a long time, and is the reason that pre-workouts and energy drinks, are so popular with gym-goers.

But, caffeine in excess can have some detrimental after effects, especially on sleep. The half-life of caffeine in the human body is around 08 hours, which means that the energy drink you slam before your late afternoon or evening workout, is going to still be in your system while you are trying to wind down for sleep later that evening. So, if you are planning on getting a jumpstart on your workout, you're going to need to time the caffeine intake early enough in the day that it doesn't interfere with your bedtime. In other words, if your bedtime is 1000 pm, you're going to want to take it no later than 0400 pm...

Just don't be like this guy, who was a 29 year old personal trainer, and overdosed on caffeine with a dose equivalent to 200 cups of coffee!!!


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