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Sleep Like A Baby...

Sleep Like a Baby
If there was one thing you could do that would:

  • help you lose weight
  • doesn't cost anything, and actually saves you money
  • increase your energy level
  • help relieve stress and anxiety
  • increase work capacity and exercise intensity
  • help clear mental fog and decision making

What is it? SLEEP!

This is really only the tip on the iceberg when you look at how important, and pervasive, sleep is in your life. There is nothing that can replace it and there is nothing that will a deeper impact on your life than improving the quality and quantity of your sleep.

There are two doctors that I look to for a lot of my research when it come to improving the quality of my own life. Dr. Peter Attia, who has more credentials than I could possibly list, is an internationally recognized on performance and longevity. Matthew Whittaker, Ph.D. is a professor of Neuroscience UC Berkley and is a recognized expert on Sleep. He is also the best selling author of Why We Sleep: Unlocking the Power of Sleep and Dreams.

Dr. Attia and Matthew Whittaker teamed up on Dr. Attia's podcast to discuss sleep and the implications of not getting enough, alcohol and sleep, CBD and sleep, and other sleep related topics. This is essential information for anyone who really wants to get the most out of every day, every night, by maximizing the most powerful tool they have at their disposal: SLEEP.

What Are You Going To Do?

So, you've joined the Globo Gym down the street. Now what?

If you're like the average gym goer, you will wander around the gym, wide eyed and slack jawed, not knowing what to do first. Should you start with cardio, stretching, weights, Zumba class? The choices are staggering and ultimately lead to confusion, frustration and, in the end, not going back to the gym. Ever.

So, what happens when you join CrossFit Koncepts?

First, you're not just joining a gym. You are joining a community of like minded individuals that are on the same path as you are. Second, you will be in a supportive environment that will help you master the skills you already have, learn new skills, and receive expert guidance and feedback along the way, Third, you will NEVER have to wonder what you are going to do in the gym. You will be part of a proven strength training program that will not only make you stronger, leaner, and look better, it will also improve your quality of life.

So, if you want to wander aimlessly and accomplish nothing, there are a lot of big gyms that you can join. But, if you really and truly want to improve your life, you can join us at CrossFit Koncepts and make it happen.

Experience Matters!

When it comes to any other service, you will look at the providers credentials, experience, and reputation. But, for some ungodly reason, people don't look for the same thing when the join a gym or hire a personal trainer.

Go to any Globo Gym, and the person training you has little or no training, except in the art of upselling you to more personal training sessions. And... this is the kicker... if they do have any training, it is done by their own "in-house" group of experts, who are poorly or partially trained at best.

If you go to CrossFit Koncepts you will have a completely different experience. The Training Director, Michael Krivka, is a Master RKC (Russian Kettlebell Certified) Instructor, with over twenty years of experience teaching and training with Kettlebells. On top of being the author and co-author of several books, he is also a training consultant to a number of Law Enforcement agencies (locally and nationally), as well being a SME (Subject Matter Expert) for the Navy and Air Force, as well as working with the FBI, DEA, Secret Service, and other agencies, for over 35 years.

CrossFit Koncepts also has the most RKC and HKC (Hardstyle Kettlebell Certified) instructors in residence than any other training facility in the world. This means that you will be able to get training advice and instruction not only from Michael Krivka, but from many of the people in the classes you will be attending. This knowledge rich environment guarantees that you will have a great training experience as well as a benefit deep learning environment.

So... you could pay a lot less, or you could pay a lot more. But at least at CrossFit Koncepts you will know what you are paying for!

Technique. Skill. Consistency.

Technique is the foundation for everything that you do in the gym. If your technique is flawed or incomplete then you will not get the results you are looking for.

Skills are acquired through practice and over time. Attentive practice, with adequate instruction, allows skills to grow.

Consistency is something that can't be replaced by speed, load, or intensity. It can only happen by showing up at the gym and putting in the time and the work. Allowing for sufficient recovery allows you to be consistent. Avoiding unsafe or questionable training methods or techniques reduces the chance for injury.

Technique. Skill. Consistency. It's up to you to pursue them all.

Sleep Is Your Super Power!

I have been studying Sleep for a number of years. It has been something that I monitor on a daily basis, via my Whoop strap, and the most important recovery tool that I know of.

One of the most prominent people in the study of sleep is Dr. Matthew Walker. He has a tremendous amount of experience in both clinical and research environments, and is a well respected expert in his field. Whenever he talks, I listen. If you are interested in learning more about sleep, and how to get the most out of it, I strongly recommend that you watch the following video...

What is the KEY to Longevity?

The KEY to longevity is exercise. There is no drug or food that comes even close to what consistent exercise does for you. Even if you haven't exercised for a long time, starting to exercise now still has tremendous benefits.  Not only does exercise increase the DURATION of your life, it also increases the QUALITY of your life.

Watch the following video by Dr. Peter Attia to learn more about the benefits of exercise in relation to longevity... you will be amazed!

Nudge - Don't Push!

When starting a training program, as a beginner or even an experienced athlete, will often try to crush themselves every workout. Heck, there are organizations and trainers that live and die by that concept; think CrossFit.

But, the last thing you want to do is start off hard and fast. It takes quite a while to establish a strong base of technique, strength, and endurance, before you can start testing them during intense workouts.

The most effective to see improvement in all three is to 1) be consistent, and 2) take small steps to your goals in the gym. Too few training sessions and too much load or intensity are just going to get where you don't want to be faster!

What Did I Just See?!?!

Just because you see it on YouTube doesn't mean that 1) the person demonstrating the technique knows what they are doing, 2) that the technique is valuable/viable for the person watching it, and 3) there is any reason, other than to get clicks on YouTube, that you would do the technique.

Establishing a strong foundation in the basics of movement, both loaded and unloaded, will benefit you more than anything you will ever see an "influencer" do on YouTube.