The Humane Burpee!
Short Arms = Short Backswing

The Basics...

When someone says the "basics", what do you think of?

I'm hoping you think of the Kettlebell Deadlift, Swing, Squat, Clean, Snatch and Press. I would add to that "short list" the Push Press, Jerk, and Thruster. That's a total of nine "basic" techniques.

That's not all, because the "basics" can all be done with two hands and one kettlebell; one hand and one kettlebell; and two hands and two kettlebells. So very quickly, and without adding any new techniques or combinations (especially in the two kettlebell area), you now have twenty seven basics. TWENTY SEVEN... think about that.

How many of you have spent sufficient time developing your two hands and one kettlebell skills? One hand and one kettlebell skills? Two hands and two kettlebells? I'm going to go out on a limb here and say... not nearly enough!

When you start thinking that you've got your kettlebell skills down, you might want to think again, and start looking at the list of TWENTY SEVEN "basics"... and start training!


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