The Aftermath...
Sharp or Dull?

Investment or Bill?

Here's something to think about: are you investing in your health, both short-term and long-term, or are you doing damage today that you will pay for tomorrow or in the years to come?

Not many of you will be able to answer this question because honestly you don't know the difference between a productive workout and a non-productive one. Don't misunderstand me, this is in no way a criticism of your intelligence or your integrity. It is more of the popular culture behind exercise and training that has made it impossible for people to understand the difference between productive and non-productive training. The popularity of CrossFit and HIIT, and their influence into other areas of the fitness community, has slewed what is considered reasonable and productive training into something wildly different. High loads, high reps, and the utter destruction of the athlete is the order of the day.

Unfortunately this mentality does NOT create a solid foundation for future strength, mobility and health. Burnout and injuries lead to athletes who drop out and never return to exercise.

But what happens when an athlete comes across a productive training program that invests in their strength, mobility, endurance and, most importantly, longevity? You get athletes who are happy, healthy and making progress in the gym. They are developing solid technique and skills that they can continue to develop in the years and decades that follow. In other words they are investing in their future by slowing down and putting the time into what counts - technique and skills over reps and load.


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