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The Kettlebell Thruster

Out of all the techniques that you can do with the Kettlebell there is one that I have the highest regard for, both as an athlete and as a trainer. It's not because it looks cool or is particularly difficult to execute (even though it is). It's because it wraps up a host of athletic and strength attributes into one powerful technique and it does it in such a manner that there is no doubt in your mind that (when you do it right) you are in for the ride of your life.

The technique? The Kettlebell Thruster of course! While it is nowhere near as popular as the Swing or the Snatch, which are in and of themselves excellent techniques, they both pale in comparison to the Thruster. I can't tell you why the Thruster has been left in the shadow of the Swing and the Snatch, because in a lot of ways it is superior to both. It could be that when those who aren't in the "know" look at the Thruster all they is see is a glorified "Squat and Press"; or at least that's what a prominent Kettlebell "Expert" called it. He couldn't be farther from the truth...

In order to do a Thruster properly you have to develop the Clean, Squat and Push Press as well as how to reload the Squat and Push Press smoothly and dynamically. Doesn't sound to bad until you realize that you re going to have to invest some serious time and work on your overhead strength, systemic mobility, conditioning and transitional/positional strength. Still not convinced? Take a Snatch Test weight Kettlebell (53 lbs for men and 35 lbs for women) and do five Thrusters on the right followed by five on the left. If that's easy then do it again for four more sets of five on the right and left. Once you have retrieved your lungs from the floor and regained your eyesight... let me know what you think!

BTW - The Kettlebell Thruster is one of the techniques that we will explore in much more detail at the Beyond the Snatch workshop later this year...


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