Book Review: The Purposeful Primitive
Even Super Heroes Need Help Some Days...

The Basics Will Set You Free

I come in contact with hundreds of athletes every year. Some are more experienced than others and all have a reason for training and working hard. A good number of the people I come across are trainers, coaches, PT's, etc. All of them are coming to me to get insight into how to more effectively use the Kettlebell, Mace, Indian Clubs, Bar, or Body Weight.

Unfortunately, not all requests are equal. Many are sincerely interested in learning the basics, the fundamental and foundational skills. Others are just interested in learning enough to shoot Instagram or YouTube videos and establishing some "internet creds". Unfortunately, what they end up doing is something akin to juggling flaming cats while riding a kayak off of a waterfall.

Instead of shooting videos of how well developed their Swing, Clean, Snatch, Press, Squat, Jerk or TGU is, they have to go all Cirque du Soleil... sometimes with disastrous results. So, if you are interested in learning how to safely, effectively and efficiently use a Kettlebell, look for someone who demonstrates a high-level mastery of the basic skills... and leave the flaming cats to the other guys!


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