The Kettlebell Thruster
Don't Mess With My Kettlebell!

Goldilocks and the Three Swings

Once upon a time there was a personal trainer named Goldilocks. She had a ton of certifications but she just wasn't satisfied, so she decided to look into Kettlebells to round out her skill base.

Goldi did a Google search and found a bunch of Kettlebell trainers, classes and certifications to choose from. Not knowing any better she decided to go to the one with the cutest instructor and the most colorful advertising. Goldi paid her money and went to the cert and learned how to "swang" Kettlebells. Unfortunately, the soft and loose began to take its toll on her back and her clients started to complain that they were sore all the time and their joints were "talkikng" to them all the time.

Distressed, Goldi decided to try another certification, but this time she looked for the toughest one she could find, where everyone scowled, called each other "comrade" and had bloody hands at the end of the certification. Returning to her clients with her newfound hardcore mentality and knowledge, Goldi ran her classes like a Drill Instructor and drove her clients into the ground with too many reps and too much tension. Shortly, Goldi was standing alone in her once prosperous gym, all alone because her clients all bailed on her for a less physically (and mentally) punishing environment.

At the end of her rope, and still pursuing realistic knowledge relating to the Kettlebell, Goldi tried one last certification. This one was taught by an instructor who had over twenty years of experience using kettlebells and teaching others how to use them. He showed that kettlebell technique is built from the ground up and that reps; quality, sustainable and efficient reps; are best in low reps with appropriate tension and picture-perfect technique. Goldi spent two days relearning the basics and seeing tremendous value in focusing on the basics as opposed to the trash demonstrated on Instagram and YouTube by other "Kettlebell Experts". Returning to her gym, Goldi rebuilt her business by making the training sessions fun, educational and effective for everyone - regardless of age or experience level.

Goldi learned a lot about Kettlebells during her adventures. She learned that some technique is too soft, some is too hard, and that the best is just right (on a lot of levels). 

The End

Non-Disclaimer - persons and organizations alluded to in this post are intentional and are meant to be a warning to anyone thinking of pursuing an education in the Kettlebell. IF you have have been around the Kettlebell world long enough you can immediately put names to each of the instructors referenced... if you can't - try harder!


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