Movement Equals Medicine
New Years Day Workout

The Hip Bump and Floor Press

Ever wonder how weight lifters did horizontal presses when there weren't any benches around? Well they had two options:

Pull the bar over your head and then "bump" it off of your chest onto locked arms

Pull the bar over the legs to the hips and then "bump" it off your hips onto locked arms

Both are a little unconventional, but viable options, to the traditional Bench Press. I've done both variations but inevitably return to the Hip Bump and Floor Press. Mostly because it is easier on my jacked up elbows and shoulders and incorporates an explosive hip thrust that parallels the training I have with kettlebells. I don't go too heavy on with this one, mostly because I don't Bench very often, but I do find it to be a fun variation that can help you work through any sticking points in the horizontal presses.


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