05/15/18 - Update on Kettlebell, Strength and Speed Summit
Don't Forget your T's and Tanks!

Wonder Woman!

Some of the simplest workouts and simplest loading protocols lead to some of the best workouts you will ever have. I love it when trainers make things complicated - it just makes the stuff that we are doing stand out even more!

A good example is "Wonder Woman". A nice combination of Cartwheels and Two-hand Swings. Even the reps are really low at five. Hmmm... doesn't seem too hard until you get going. Then you realize that Super Hero Scaling for this workout has the kettlebell weight increasing every five rounds... and the average number of rounds for this workout is in the low twenties!

Anyway, hope you give it a try and enjoy it as much as I did. I'm still walking funny from the Cartwheels and the Swings!


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