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Kettlebell, Strength and Speed Summit (KS3) Update

By now you've heard about the amazing presenters we have lined up for the KS3! Can't believe that we are going to have Marty Gallagher, David Weck, Dr, Chris Holder, Chris White, and yours truly (Michael Krivka) all in the same place, teaching and sharing information that you can use RIGHT NOW! Do you want to have more endurance and power? Do you want to have more absolute strength? Do you want to move measurably faster? Do you want to recover faster and more completely? Really? Then you're going to want to check out eh KS3!

BTW - here's a little secret that we can finally share! We are being sponsored by some amazing companies like: 5.11 Tactical, Dragon Door, Onnit, Breaking Muscle, Iron Company, On Target Publications and WeckMethod! Think about this: would this much "firepower" in the fitness world get behind an event that isn't going to knock your socks off? I don't think so!

To find out more and to register please go to the Kettlebell, Strength and Speed Summit website!



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