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Depth not Width

I see new athletes scrambling from technique to technique, never spending any time mastering one before they blunder on to the next one. Is this an acceptable practice? It may be in some gyms, where you can walk in Monday, brand spanking new, and be setting Snatch PR's by Wednesday. Unbelievable? Not really - I hear about it happening all of the time in CrossFit gyms in the area.

Think about this: you have people setting PR's (Personal Records) with a weight that a week ago they couldn't imagine holding overhead. This same person hasn't spent any time developing overhead strength, mobility or positional integrity - any time at all - but their "Coach" has them setting PR's. Stupid, unprofessional and criminally negligent - especially when they end up injured.

Be smart and find somewhere that you can train for the next couple decades. Somewhere that is going to spend time developing you as a complete athlete and not as a Games competitor.


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