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Memorial Day WOD and Cookout!

Memorial DayDon't forget that we will be having a Memorial Day WOD and Cookout on Monday (05/28/18). Workout will start at 1130 am and cookout will follow. Also - this is your chance to bid farewell to Dyann Charette Dancy as she relocates to Canada in June!?!?

NOTE: we will have two grills set up so bring something for the grill and something to share with the group. Coordinate with John Kalil regarding side dishes, desserts, etc.

Depth not Width

I see new athletes scrambling from technique to technique, never spending any time mastering one before they blunder on to the next one. Is this an acceptable practice? It may be in some gyms, where you can walk in Monday, brand spanking new, and be setting Snatch PR's by Wednesday. Unbelievable? Not really - I hear about it happening all of the time in CrossFit gyms in the area.

Think about this: you have people setting PR's (Personal Records) with a weight that a week ago they couldn't imagine holding overhead. This same person hasn't spent any time developing overhead strength, mobility or positional integrity - any time at all - but their "Coach" has them setting PR's. Stupid, unprofessional and criminally negligent - especially when they end up injured.

Be smart and find somewhere that you can train for the next couple decades. Somewhere that is going to spend time developing you as a complete athlete and not as a Games competitor.

Wonder Woman!

Some of the simplest workouts and simplest loading protocols lead to some of the best workouts you will ever have. I love it when trainers make things complicated - it just makes the stuff that we are doing stand out even more!

A good example is "Wonder Woman". A nice combination of Cartwheels and Two-hand Swings. Even the reps are really low at five. Hmmm... doesn't seem too hard until you get going. Then you realize that Super Hero Scaling for this workout has the kettlebell weight increasing every five rounds... and the average number of rounds for this workout is in the low twenties!

Anyway, hope you give it a try and enjoy it as much as I did. I'm still walking funny from the Cartwheels and the Swings!


Not much to say... other than - you guys are AWESOME!!!

Great job on the "Gamora" WOD today!  Impressive work on one of the most uncomfortable days so far this year!


  • 07 KB Goblet Squats
  • 05 Cartwheels
  • 07 KB 02-hand High Pulls
  • 05 WOP

- AMRAP in 20 minutes

- Super Hero Scaling - increase KB weight every 03 rounds.

Kettlebell, Strength and Speed Summit (KS3) Update

By now you've heard about the amazing presenters we have lined up for the KS3! Can't believe that we are going to have Marty Gallagher, David Weck, Dr, Chris Holder, Chris White, and yours truly (Michael Krivka) all in the same place, teaching and sharing information that you can use RIGHT NOW! Do you want to have more endurance and power? Do you want to have more absolute strength? Do you want to move measurably faster? Do you want to recover faster and more completely? Really? Then you're going to want to check out eh KS3!

BTW - here's a little secret that we can finally share! We are being sponsored by some amazing companies like: 5.11 Tactical, Dragon Door, Onnit, Breaking Muscle, Iron Company, On Target Publications and WeckMethod! Think about this: would this much "firepower" in the fitness world get behind an event that isn't going to knock your socks off? I don't think so!

To find out more and to register please go to the Kettlebell, Strength and Speed Summit website!


Badass Women Rule!

I like to think that training at CrossFit Koncepts provides everyone with more than just a great workout.

The confidence and strength you get from challenging your body and developing new skills is inevitably going to carryover into your life outside the gym.

I particularly like to see how our female athletes develop confidence, determination and the essential quality (grit) that makes them a force to be reckoned with!

So don't settle for being skinny or lucky... aim for being a badass instead!


Captain America

Every WOD should be different but inherently the same.

WHAT!?!? Are you MAD???

Very possibly, but hear me out.

Every WOD should be an expression of technique, movement mastery and conditioning. Technique is constantly evolving and every opportunity should be taken to hone it. Movement Mastery is developing clean transitions from the posterior to anterior planes, demonstrating safe and effective loading and unloading, and creating consciousness during movement. Conditioning is both evolving and changing as the demands of your sport and seasons require; a baseline is established but it is recognized that it is a moving target.

So, with that in mind, check out Captain America!

The Kettlebell, Strength and Speed Summit is Coming!

We are ironing out the final details before releasing this to the public... but it's going to be GREAT!

We have an amazing lineup of presenters: Marty Gallagher, David Weck, Dr. Chris Holder, Chris White, and yours truly - Michael Krivka!

We also have a bunch of Tier One Sponsors for this event: 5.11 Tactical, Dragon Door, Onnit, Iron Company, Weck Method, On Target Publications, and Breaking Muscle!

This is going to be the training event of the year... don't miss out!!!