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The Kettlebell High Pull

SMH - The Kettlebell Swing

The fundamental ballistic technique with the Russian Kettlebell is most decidedly the Kettlebell Swing (KS). While it is a "simple" technique in appearance it is anything but when it comes to execution. YouTube and Facebook are littered with well intentioned clients and under-educated and under-trained coaches executing (and I mean "executing") this technique.

Common failures include: poor set-up, incomplete loading, non-existent backswing, improper power base, dangerous unloading, etc. The list is actually longer but you get the idea. How can this fundamental technique be so poorly represented? Could it be that because it looks so "simple" that people barely scratch the surface when they train it? Could it be inherent physical weakness or mobility issues overriding technique? Yeah... very likely it's a combination of this and more.

Want to see a solid Kettlebell Swing with near half-bodyweight? Check out the video below:


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