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Scaling A WOD

The concept of scaling a workout is foreign to most athletes, especially if they are in a highly competitive gym. Every workout ends up being a "d$%k-measuring contest" and bragging rights go to the athlete who has the best time or score. Unfortunately, this is the case in a lot of gyms that don't have a firm grasp of training their athletes for life (decades of training) and an immature understanding of scaling (modifying technique, load, duration and intensity). It's really to bad because people are getting unnecessarily getting hurt or burning out instead of getting stronger, moving better, and staying excited about training for years and years!

Here's a good example. This workout has been a staple at CrossFit Koncepts for around a decade. We just recently did is again and, as always, it was a big hit with everyone! Why, because the workout can be readily scaled to anyone's skill, strength or experience level while still maintaining good movement and safety. Oh, and still getting a great workout in...

Can you see how this workout can be scaled for a variety of athletes and skill levels? Here's what we had during a single day:

  • One-hand w/KB
  • Two-hands w/KB
  • Two KB's
  • Olympic Bar
  • Plyo Ball
  • DVRT
  • All Body-weight

BTW - Greg Glassman, one of the founders of the CrossFit movement, stated many years ago that the WOD's on the CrossFit website were designed for the top five-percent of the athletes in the world. The rest? They were obliged to scale the WOD. So... if you go into a CrossFit gym and EVERYONE is doing the same workout... RUN because they don't have a clue as to what they are doing!!!


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