Kettlebell, Strength and Speed Summit (KS3)!
HKC in Jacksonville, FL on June 03, 2018

"Remember the Alamo"

The workouts that a gym does says a lot about their priorities and training methodology.

Take a look at the workouts that are posted by other CrossFit gyms. Check out the techniques, loads and the rep schemes. Look carefully and see if you can determine what the purpose is behind the workout. Is the goal to crush the athlete or to make them stronger? Is the goal to make them collapse on the floor afterwards or to make them ready to come back the next day and do more work?

Check out the following workout that we did on Tuesday night. It's going to seem pretty tame to "die hard" Crossfitters; the load is going to seem to low and the reps are nowhere near to what they are used to operate at. That being said - this workout is technically challenging, scalable across all skill levels and strength levels, and sets a foundation for future work.


  1. Double Kettlebells are RX'd at double 53 lbs/men and double 35 lbs/women.
  2. Texas Protocol for Pull Ups - rep one is 01 Pull Up (release both hands); rep two is 02 Pull Ups (release both hands; rep three is 03 Pull Ups
  3. Texas Protocol for Burpees (STRICT) - rep one is 01 Push Up; rep two is 02 Push Ups; rep three is 03 Push Ups



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