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The Quest

What are you looking for when you go looking for a gym? It's a really interesting question and you're bound to get a ton of divergent answers; some good and some bad. What you are going to find is that everyone is looking for something different, at least on the surface, but they may not be even sure WHAT they are looking for and WHY they are looking for it.

Let me make it simple for you when it comes to CrossFit Koncepts. First I'll list the things we DON'T have (and never will) and then I'll list the things we DO. Then you can decide what is really important and what only seems important (at the surface).

What CrossFit Koncepts DOESN'T Have:

  • Pools, saunas or luxurious bathrooms... if you want those you should get them for your own home!
  • Machines (of any type), treadmills, or "stations"... you are the "machine" and cardio is best done in it's natural state (outside)!
  • Massage therapy, facials, or juice bars... there are a lot of places in the area that are better and more economical!
  • A team of "highly skilled" trainers to help you... you can pay them to watch you work out, check their phone, and keep you busy (not productive) for an hour!
  • Lots and lots of mirrors... so that you can take "selfies" of yourself at the gym (not working out)!
  • A group of people who are wearing headphones and avoiding eye contact... who are more self-conscious about their lack of progress than you are!

What CrossFit Koncepts DOES have:

  • A training facility, that has been around for over a decade... dedicated to creating people who are strong, mobile, healthy and are dedicated to training for life!
  • Not a single machine because you are the machine... you'll be using your body, some kettlebells, a bar and some simple but powerful tools; nothing more!
  • An association of professionals associated with our gym... from Chiropractors, Doctors, Physical Therapists and Massage Therapists that will work with you get you feeling and moving better!
  • A real team of highly skilled and experienced trainers... comprised of a Master RKC, six RKC's and four HKC's with a combined teaching and training experience of over one hundred years!
  • There's a mirror in the bathroom... but we'll be happy to take a picture of you before, during or after your workout!
  • A real community of people who want you to succeed... and who will help you be accountable and honest to your goals!

So think HARD about what you are really looking for when it comes choosing somewhere to train.  Are you going there to be "seen" or to make progress in your quest to feel and move better?  If you are anxious to be seen... then I highly suggest you look into a membership at Lifetime or LA Fitness; you will find what you are looking for there. If you are looking for progress and results... then I implore you to look into joining us at CrossFit Koncepts; you will find what you are looking for there.  


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