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Level II Mace and Indian Club Workshop - 07/22/17

Level2_MaceAndIndianClubsSorry for the delay in not getting updated information about the Level ll workshop online sooner... things are moving fast and resources had to be diverted to other projects!

Anyway - we are still having the workshop and I promise you that it will be worth your while to attend. We are going to be covering more material for both the Mace and the Indian Clubs that will already add to what we covered in Level I. The purpose behind Level ll is to use the foundational material in Level I to create a base for the Level ll and Level lll material.

Remember: the material that is being covered is for prehab, rehab and injury prevention purposes. The goal being to create strong, stable and mobile shoulders that can stand up to heavy loads and trauma. I will NOT be covering squats, curls, lunges or other techniques that are better suited for other tools. The techniques that will be presented are not "busy work" or "filler"; instead they are the essential technique that you must master to get the most from these powerful tools.

For information on how to register for this workshop please follow this link.