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What To Do Now: Advice for Personal Trainers

DanJohn_CanYouGoDan John has been coaching and developing athletes for a long time.  When he recommends something it's not because he saw it on the "Dr. Oz Show" or read about it in Men's Health.  He recommends it because he has acid-tested it on himself and his athletes.  Then and only then will he pass something along.  This is the reason why I take his advice and comments to heart - because I know that he doesn't have an agenda or a product to sell.

So, when Dan comes out with an article on advice for personal trainers, you can bet that I will read it very carefully. Not just read it - but study it!  Here is a little tidbit from the article that might interest both athlete and trainer alike:

This is a list of ten basic health tips that I think we should all follow. Most of the list is pretty obvious, but stats back up the list too!
  1. Don’t smoke.
  2. Wear a seatbelt, and a helmet when appropriate. Technology can get you faster than your skull can grow thicker.
  3. Learn to fall and recover. Maffetone notes that 28,000 Americans die from falls and fall-related deaths.
  4. Floss your teeth! The healthiest thing you can do for your heart is to floss your teeth!
  5. Eat more protein.
  6. Eat more fiber (mostly from veggies)
  7. Take more fish oil.
  8. Drink more water.
  9. Build more lean body mass.
  10. Keep your joints healthy, and maintain joint mobility.

If you are doing all ten things then you are in the top five percent of the population!  If you are doing most, but not all, then get with the program and start filling in the blanks.

NOTE: Dan John will be in Gaithersburg, MD in November teaching an HKC and a Training the Elite Athlete workshop.  Look for more information on both events coming soon!

HKC / SCC Combo Weekend - June 11th & 12th, 2016

HKCandSCCTake advantage of this great opportunity to get hands-on training and certification for both the HKC (Hardstyle Kettlebell Certification) and the SCC (Strength Calisthenics Certification) over the course of one weekend!

The HKC and the SCC are the ultimate combination for the coach, trainer or athlete that wants to get the most from each and every workout!  Learn the foundational techniques of the Russian Kettlebell (Swing, Goblet Squat and Turkish Get Up) as well as incredibly powerful bodyweight techniques (Push Up, Pull Up, Squat Inversion, Leg Raise and Bridge). Even if you can't execute all of these techniques you will learn the progressions and regressions you will need to develop these them!

The best part of this weekend is the team that is teaching it!  The HKC is being taught by Master RKC Michael Krivka and the SCC is being taught by Senior PCC Adrienne Harvey. This "Beauty and the Beast" team-up is a guarantee that you will get the most out of this training certification.  With several decades of experience between them, they can help you to not only learn the material, but gives you the tools and skills to teach others in the shortest time possible.

Don't wait! Go to the Dragon Door website now (or call 800/899-5111) and register for this unique and exciting training opportunity!  There is a limit of 20 people for both certifications so register NOW!

NOTE: can't swing both days?  No Problem!  You can register for just the HKC or SCC as well.  Just pick the certification you want to attend and register for it on the Dragon Door website or call 800/899-5111.

Mastering the Squat - Marty Gallagher

Take a few minutes to check out this video from Marty Gallagher's Deadlift and Squat Workshop from May 2016.  In this video Marty explains his progression from Bodyweight Squats through Low-bar Back Squats.  He explains the mechanics, positioning and cues that he is looking for in this movement.  There are a ton of great tips and insights into Squatting and some priceless advice from Marty, Kirk Karwoski, Chuck Miller, and others.


High Bar Back Squat - Marty Gallagher

More from the "Master" - Marty Gallagher - on the Squat.  This time it's the High Bar Back Squat.  Take a few minutes to watch the video and listen to what Marty, Kirk Karwoski, Chuck Miller and others have to say about setting up and executing this technique.  Simple doesn't mean it's easy...


Deadlift and Squat Workshop with Marty Gallagher!

Marty_GallagherMarty Gallagher will be at CrossFit Koncepts on May 14th, 2016 to give a workshop on the Deadlift and Squat.  If you don't know who Marty is then you need to learn a little (make that a LOT) about the history of iron.  Marty is a national and international powerlifting champion, a coach to champions and Tier One Spec Ops personnel, and the author of a number of books on training (The Purposeful Primitive; Strong Medicine; CrossCore Hardcore; Coan: The Man, The Myth, The Method; CrossCore HardCore; and more) as well as hundreds of articles and blog posts.

Marty is going to dissect the Deadlift and Squat in a manner that will allow you to develop these core lifts in a way that will astonish you. His experience cultivating some of the strongest and resilient men and women in the world will benefit everyone from a strength and conditioning coach to a beginning athlete.  Why flounder, wondering if your technique is safe, sound and viable, when you can learn these techniques from a living master?

Details on the workshop:

  • Date: Saturday May 14, 2016
  • Location: CrossFit Koncepts 16720 Oakmont Avenue Gaithersburg, MD 20877
  • Time: 1200 pm to 0430 pm
  • Cost: $80/person

NOTE: this workshop is limited to the first twenty (20) people who pre-register.  Pre-registration requires payment in advance.  There will be no at the door admittance for this event. In other words: if you don't pre-register you are not going to get in.

For more information or to pre-register: contact Mike Krivka at 301/404-2571 or [email protected]