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Blizzard 2016 - The Aftermath

CFK Closed for the Blizzard of 2016!

As of Friday at 05:00 pm we are closed in anticipation of the coming blizzard. We are anticipating being closed on Saturday and Sunday as well so that the roads and parking lots can be cleared.  I will post the status of the gym for Monday as soon as we can evaluate the roads and parking lots.

Until then, if you're looking for a workout, find someone in your neighborhood who is elderly or incapable of shoveling themselves out and do it for them.  Don't forget to find the closest fire hydrant to your house and clear away the snow away from it (3 foot radius).  NOTE: do the same for your HVAC unit as well while you are outside shoveling... it's going to be working overtime to keep you warm and you want to make sure there is sufficient airflow around it.


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