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December 2015

2015 Holiday Hours!

Holiday_hoursThe Holidays are coming fast and I wanted to make sure that you had the latest on our training schedule for the next couple weeks!  A couple changes, especially around Xmas and New Years, so make sure you write them down.

  • 12/24/2015    Xmas Eve    0600 am and 1130 am
  • 12/25/2015    Xmas Day    No classes
  • 12/31/2015    New Year's Eve    0600 am and 1130 am
  • 01/01/2016    New Year's Day    1130 am

Enjoy the Holidays, get in some quality workouts, and spend time with those you love!

What To Do Now: Advice for Personal Trainers

Following is an excerpt from an article written by Dan John, Master RKC, on the Dragon Door website:

One of our local sports talk stations plays an ad for becoming a personal trainer. The ad also guarantees work within six months of completion of the course. Now, I’m waiting for a company to come out with a quick course on dentistry, so I can start work as a dentist. Volunteers?

Personal training is an exploding field and, sadly, few people survive the first year. You might have the body and the knowledge, but the "Body of Knowledge" in the fields of health, fitness and performance will overwhelm you. Moreover, your clients will seem to go out of their way to sabotage their own success.

Recently, I told someone to put this sentence on her business card: "Getting you to do what you asked me to get you to do."

Talking with clients demands some knowledge, some insights, and some tools. You need to ask the right questions, use some simple assessments, focus on the basics, and work your way forward with steady steps in movement.

Let’s begin. Here are my mistakes and my journey…

The Ten Key Questions! Wait, the Five…I mean, the Three!

I was joking with another fitness writer not long ago that they need to stop working on books and articles because, otherwise, they will continue to cut, trim and slash back the material until all that’s left is a sentence or two.

The great interchange between Thoreau and Emerson comes to mind:

"Simplify, simplify" said Thoreau.
"You didn’t need the second ‘simplify’," answered Emerson.

My book, Intervention, was based on ten questions for athletes followed by five strength training principles. After years of teaching and doing the Intervention protocol, I only have two strength training principles now:

For the full article go please go to the Dragon Door website.