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Nicky! We wrapped our month-long tribute to the amazing Ladies of CrossFit Koncepts with one of our strongest (and most flexible) athletes - Nicky! Nicky has been a regular part of our "cookies and back rubs" class for as long as I can remember. All of that training served her well when we went to York Barbell a few years ago. A group of us were there to demonstrate kettlebells and mobility training at a Powerlifting meet. Nicky was "feeling her oats" that day and ended up collecting quite a few "man cards" from some of the lifters in attendance! Poor guys went home with their tails between their leg...

Keep at it Nicky! You are a force to be reckoned with when you put your mind to it! 


"Mary G"

We are fortunate to have many strong and beautiful women training with us at CrossFit Koncepts... and Mary Gallagher is right there at the top! Mary is truly one of a kind and has the magical ability to light up a room with her smile and make everyone feel like they are special... and there are quite a few "special" people in this group! We love you Miss Mary... 



"Dos" - if you Google "awesome" I'm pretty sure that you will find a picture of Dos! She is another plank holder at CrossFit Koncepts and, while she's made significant progress while training with us, she was already an accomplished athlete in her own right.

I really can't say enough about Dos and her dedication to training. She has been training with us three to four times a week for almost eight years... which is absolutely amazing. We've all seen her grow, get much stronger and explore her newfound abilities. All I can say is that she will continue to get stronger and more skilled... and will be someone we all aspire to be when we grow up! 



Tuesday found us celebrating all that is Jenna - and there is a lot to celebrate! Jenna is a natural athlete with a huge heart and a desire to excel. She is someone you can count on to come in with a smile on her face and a desire to attack whatever challenges that are placed before her. Jenna is back and we're anxious to see what amazing things she will accomplish next! 


"Do You Even Crawl Bro?"

Crawling is one of those things, like Burpees, that no one likes.  But like Burpees, Crawling is tremendously beneficial to everyone. If you really want to test out how efficient you are at the Four Point Crawl then try balancing a cone on your lower back.  This will slow down and smooth out the movement as well as point out any bad movement patterns that have creeped in due to injury or asymmetry.  Enjoy! :)



We started off the final week of The Ladies of CrossFit Koncepts with "Sandra"! Sandra came to us a little while ago and made tremendous strides in both her overall conditioning and body composition. She worked really hard and paid close attention to her skills and all the hard work paid off! She's back with us again and already she in on the way to making some substantial progress. Keep at it Miss Sandra!!!

BTW - that was a really fun WOD and we are going to be doing that one again! 


Week 4 - The Ladies of CrossFit Koncepts

Well we survived another week, this is week 4, and we are getting close to the end of the month!  All of the workouts this month have been stellar and many of them have left us breathless and sweaty... as a matter of fact all of them did!?!?

We still have five more WODs before we wrap this month up - are you ready for Sandra, Jenna, Dos, Mary G and Nicky?  I'm not sure I am...



It's difficult to write about Liz and not sound like I'm gushing... Because I am! Liz is another plank holder at CrossFit Koncepts and has been an important part of who and what we are. We can always count on her to jump in and help out (she is a "natural" when it comes to coaching people) as well as being a natural athlete. She is so committed to improving her skills that she became an RKC last year and handing her certificate to her was a very special moment for me. I can't tell you how proud I was of her at that moment...

We love you Liz and thanks so much for everything you do!