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F-ing Ticks!

TickI know that this has nothing to do with Kettlebells, CrossFit, etc.  Sometimes I like to post things that I think will be useful to to you regardless of what you do - and this is one of those times!

For some reason we are experiencing an overabundance of ticks this year.  They are getting on the dog, the kids and even me from time to time. The dog is on tick prevention medication (and it doesn't seem to be doing a whole heck of a lot) but the kids and I aren't.  So after every trip into the woods or playing in the backyard we have to do a quick scan to make sure we aren't bringing any "guests" into the house uninvited.

I usually dose the little beggars with New Skin and they decide to get the heck off.  This is the first time I've seen this method and it's worth knowing about if you don't have any New Skin handy and want to get the tick off as fast as possible.



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