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The Kettlebell Split Snatch

Kettlebell_fallenoverAmong those people that use the Kettlebell as primary strength and conditioning tool there is a lot of discussion about what is the best technique.  For the most part they are all good but some are better that others... it just depends on what you are trying to accomplish.  Take for example the Kettlebell Split Snatch (SS).  The SS is perfect for the intermediate to advanced kettlebell athlete that is looking for a technique that will challenge their hip drive, finish and ability to get under the load and control it overhead in a dynamic fashion.  The SS will test all of the above and more as well as being a superior conditioning tool to the classic Kettlebell Snatch.

Check out the following short video to see how all of the element of the class Kettlebell Snatch must be executed perfectly in order to allow the athlete to manage the load effortlessly overhead.  NOTE: the Kettlebell being used is 71 lbs and the athlete in approximately 163 lbs. 



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