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The Goblet Squat

MAK_02The Goblet Squat (GS) is one of the foundational techniques of the HKC and RKC systems.  Used as a strength movement, a mobility enhancer and as a corrective exercise, the GS has a lot to offer if you do it correctly.  Here are a few tips to make you GS practice more productive:

  • Take your time!  Master the movement as a grind as opposed to a ballistic.
  • Where you start is going to influence where you end! Don't rest the kettlebell on your chest when you start the GS; it should be held in a wedged position with the elbows tight against the ribcage.
  • Pry the elbows and hips apart!  Don't worry about squatting - it will happen all by itself - think about making as much space between your elbows and hips as possible.
  • Sit up straight! In the bottom of the GS you should be straight and tall with your elbows touching just inside the knee.  Posture counts in the bottom of the GS and poor posture will lessen the effect of the movement and loading.

I hope the tips help and take a look at the following video to see the GS in action!



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