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The Double Kettlebell Snatch

Training the Kettlebell Snatch, and I mean a technically precise and powerful Kettlebells Snatch, takes a lot of hard work and extensive coaching.  What some call "a swing that ends overhead" is anything but that.  A good Kettlebell Snatch has a beginning, midpoint and ending that need to be developed, cultivated and drilled for thousands of perfect repetitions.  Trying to learn how to Snatch a Kettlebell by watching a video is like trying to learn how to drive a ball like Tiger Woods or execute a slap shot like Wayne Gretzky by watching a video.  You are seeing the culmination of diligent practice and consistent coaching... high quality movement does not happen in a vacuum.

I just wanted to share this video of Miss Artemis of Iron Body by Artemis executing the Double Kettlebell Snatch.  This is an outstanding example of this technique and one that any aspiring Kettlebell athlete would be well served by studying over and over.



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