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Starting the Get Up

TGUThe Turkish Get Up (TGU) has a lot of moving parts... lots!  As complex as the movement is it is also one of the most powerful tools in the Kettlebell arsenal.  In the last couple years the TGU has seen a tremendous resurgence in popularity.  If you type "turkish get up" into YouTube you'll get approximately 140,000 videos devoted to this one technique alone!?!?

That's a lot of videos, and like most things on the "interweb" there is a lot of bad information.  What am I referring to? Ninety nine percent of the videos show the start of the TGU with a fatal flaw - throwing the head forward to get momentum.  This is a completely unnecessary move that helps people (who don't know how to create the proper tension dynamics) get from their back to their elbow.  Don't believe me?  Do you own search on YouTube and see what you come up...

Take a look at the following short (really short) video and see that you do not need to throw your head forward to start the TGU.  All you need to do is initiate the movement in the bent leg and transfer that tension to the opposite side.  Sure, it's a little harder to do it this way... but you'll get a lot more from this method than you will by using your noggin as a counterbalance to the Kettlebell!



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