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RAMGobletSquatIf you ask most athletes they will tell you that they already know how to Squat, be it with body weight, a kettlebell or a bar.  They've been doing it for years and their buddy (or high school coach) told them that had it "dialed in".  Unfortunately, this is far from the truth in most instances...

The mechanics behind a safe and effective Squat are relatively immutable but you will see a wide variety of examples in weight rooms, gyms, and online.  How do you account for all of the different Squats you see?  For the most part it is just plain laziness and trying to avoid discomfort - something that most will go to great lengths to avoid.

In a recent conversation I had with Marty Gallagher, one of the most successful coaches in the history of Powerlifting and a world class lifter in his own right, he stated that the Squat is the most important lifts that there is.  Want to improve your Deadlift?  Squat.  Want to improve your Bench?  Squat.  Want to improve your Military Press?  Squat. 

The Squat, in the form of the Goblet Squat, is an integral part on both the HKC and RKC curriculums for good reason.  Being able to safely and effectively execute a Squat is key to developing strength, power, mobility, and is a key component of longevity.  Squatting is something that you do naturally as a toddler and it creates a foundation for walking, running and other complex movements as you develop.  Unfortunately, as we age and lose both strength and mobility, the ability to Squat is lessened and is replaced by other less advantageous movements.  Being able to reclaim this movement would go a long way in enhancing most anyones life.

If you want to learn more about how to squat, and from one of the masters of the movement, then check out the latest installment of the Strong Medicine blog.  You won't regret it...


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