The Kettlebell Split Snatch
Starting the Get Up

Kettlebell Assisted Daily Dozen Mobility Drills

KB_WindmillAs a strength and conditioning tool the humble Kettlebell is hard to match.  Need to enhance your anaerobic capacity?  High repetition Snatch and Swing training will fill the bill.  Need to build some real-world strength? Low rep, high tension Military Press and Kettlebell Squats will fill you out fast.  Unfortunately most people don't look much past the Snatch and the Turkish Get Up when they train with the Kettlebell... their loss!

Following is an outstanding video by my friend Andrew Read, Master RKC on how to use the Kettlebell as an assistive device for mobility.  The video will talk you through a dozen movements that will improve your posture, breathing, alignment and mobility.  Watch carefully because there are a lot of details you'll need to capture in order to do these techniques effectively.

NOTE: is this all of the mobility drills you can do with a Kettlebell?  Not even close!  Look for more information about the Kettlebells for Prehab, Rehab and Injury Prevention workshop coming in June 2015.



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