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KaizenStrongMedicineWhen most people approach life style changes then jump in with both feet, with enthusiasm and vigor, raring to go and ready for anything.  Unfortunately, once a road block or two show up (think kids, job, illness, etc.), that enthusiasm and vigor dwindles and is replaced with the same old habits and bad choices that they started with.  Are people just weak and undisciplined? Well... that may be part of the problem... but I really think is that they have no idea how to manage change and how to make change happen in their lives.

Change management, I'm sure there is a book or two in there somewhere, just means that you establish steps, goals, and procedures that allow you to implement change in such a way that it is acceptable and applicable to your.  I think the concept of Kaizen, which means "change for the better" or "continual improvement" is the tool that most can use to get to where they want to be whether it is nutrition, exercise, or pretty much anything else.

Take a look at the post I wrote for the Strong Medicine blog on Kaizen and how it can be applied to changing how and what you eat.


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