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Updated HKC Schedule (03/16/15)

HKCLogoHardStyle Kettlebell Certification (HKC)
with Senior RKC Michael Krivka

Dragon Door’s one-day, entry-level kettlebell instructor certification workshop

How to master the essentials of kettlebell lifting—and dramatically advance your skills as a personal trainer or coach!

Master the essentials of kettlebell lifting by learning the principles of HardStyle training. At this 8-hour instructor course, you will learn the most effective, safe, and efficient ways to use, teach and coach the basic kettlebell lifts starting with the Swing, Get-Up, and Goblet Squat. During this hands-on course, you will be both coached and will coach others, to facilitate your learning and retention.

Kettlebell training develops superior athleticism by reinforcing natural movement patterns, learning to move explosively from the hips, and challenges the stabilizers during all lifts—both ballistic and grinds. As a top fitness professional, NOT having this training method in your toolbox could be seriously holding you back from getting fast, impressive results for yourself and your clients.

  • Get a deeper knowledge of how to use the world’s #1 strength and conditioning tool
  • MAK_SrRKC_01Learn simple techniques for preventing and recovering from injuries
  • Enhance your skills as a movement coach by learning how to quickly assess, correct and teach these complex movement patterns
  • Discover simple yet highly effective cueing and troubleshooting techniques to speed up the learning process—to get faster results for your clients
  • Learn how to get superior results with clients ranging from the athletic to beginners and the deconditioned
  • Get a free page on Dragon Door’s website and join a community of the world’s top trainers
  • Network with some of the greatest minds and coaches in the industry
  • Learn how to incorporate kettlebells into your current programming to maximize your client’s results

Become certified as an HKC and join the elite community of fitness professionals!

Upcoming HKC Certifications at the following locations:

March 29, 2015 – Jacksonville, FL (less than 2 weeks away!)
Strongpoint CrossFit at 6695 Colray Court Unit 303 Jacksonville, FL

(Register online)

May 16, 2015 – Frederick, MD
CrossFit Frederick at 5119 Pegasus Court Suite b Frederick, MD

(Register online)

May 17, 2015 – Powhatan, VA
CrossFit Pushin Weight at 1566 Standing Ridge Drive Powhatan, VA

(Register online)

June 14, 2015 – Rockwall, TX
Britt’s Training Systems at 205 County Line Rockwall, TX

(Register online)

September 26, 2015 – Raleigh, NC
CrossFit Goliath at 5621 Departure Drive Suite 117 Raleigh, NC

(Register online)

October 18, 2015 – Signal Hill, CA
Long Beach Kettlebell Club at 3221 Industry Drive Signal Hill, CA

(Register online)

Follow the links to register online of call 1-800-899-5111

Additional dates and locations coming soon!

We Are Closed! (03/15/15)

Closed_SnowDayRoad conditions are deteriorating out there and we have decided to cancel the 11:30 am, 05:30 and 07:00 pm classes today. In addition, we are canceling the 06:00 am class on Friday morning.

We will re-open on Friday at 11:30 am.

Thanks and be safe out there!