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Getting Massive - Hollywood Style!

Bradley-Cooper-American-SniperPrior to the release of "American Sniper" there was a lot of talk about how Bradley Cooper "transformed" into Chris Kyle.  In particular people were interested in what his workout were like in order to add 30-plus pounds of muscle onto his relative spare frame.  I reviewed the workout, called "The American Sniper Workout" (located here) and was extremely surprised at what is was made up of.  Nothing jumped out to me as being "mass builders" that would pack on a lot of muscle in a relatively short period of time.  I'm talking about heavy Deadlifts, Squats, Bench or Carries.  The workout looked kind of tame and almost bordered on a rehab or recovery workout program; not one that was supposed to add a lot of muscle.

So, you may wonder, how did Bradley Cooper add all the muscle?  Welcome to the world of supplements, or at least that's what you are supposed to believe.  If you read down through the article that describes the workout the first thing you will come across is the massive supplement program that Cooper was on.  Several times a day he was hammering down supplement after supplement in order to "fuel recovery" from the workouts.  But... the workouts weren't that intense to require this degree of supplementation.

My good friend Andrew Read came to the same conclusion and wrote about on the Breaking Muscle website.  I think what we are both trying to point out is that the workouts that he did to prepare for the part of Chris Kyle weren't responsible for him gaining all the muscle... it was something else altogether.

BTW - this is no reflection on how I feel about the "American Sniper" movie which I greatly enjoyed.  My issue is with trying to pawn off chemical supplementation as the path to muscle growth and strength development.  Chemicals will give you short term gains but I think you will pay a price for the shortcut in the long run.


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