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Whacked Out Wednesday Number 38

WowWelcome to another edition of Whacked Out Wednesday!  This week we get another one of the "fail compilations" that are so popular on the Web.  It doesn't matter what activity it is - there is a fail compilation out there to make fun of it!

This week's video is all about doing too much of a good thing... watch it and you'll see what I mean!

BTW - I really hate to watch these videos because I don't like seeing people getting hurt.  Sometimes they are getting hurt because of their own stupidity; that's okay because the Darwin Awards need contestants every year.  Other times people are getting hurt in (stupid) competitions that put them at rick of serious injury for no good reason whatsoever.  Pushed on by ego or competitive spirit (ego once again) they push themselves beyond what common sense should stop them from doing.

Do me a favor and don't become part of one of these fail compilations - train hard, train smart and train for life!



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