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Whacked Out Wednesday Number 38

Revisiting The Pistol

PistolWhat single move gives you more "bang for the buck" than any other?  What single move is arguably the most under utilized by athletes?  What single move can show you integration faults and weaknesses in the mid-line and across the stabilizers?  If you're thinking it's the Deadlift you can't be blamed for making that assumption.  In reality it's the Squat and its many variations... but why?

The Squat is one of the staple techniques for strength athletes... well, for forever!  It has application in pretty much every sport and has tremendous crossover when it comes to training any age group (especially in the older and more "mature" athletes).  It also one of the most effective "mass builders" that you can do - as in adding muscle to your body and to your a$$. So why isn't everyone doing Squats?  I'd like to say it's because they aren't effective - because they are!  The reason most people don't do Sqauts is because they are hard; and that's the reason why you should be doign them!  Anything that is hard and makes you struggle is going to make you stronger and you will reap the benefits from that struggle! 

So what it my favorite Squat? Arguably it has to be the (Kettlebell) Goblet Squat.  Easy to teach and learn and has a tremendous impact on posture and alignment (doing them every day is a good idea).  Next has to be the (Kettlebell) Front Squat. Once again it is easy to teach, has a tremendous impact on posture and alignment, and can be used by a broad athlete profile for strength and conditioning. Next - that's easy: the Pistol.  The Pistol is in my top three Squatting techniques because it is the perfect reflection of strength, mobility and integration.  While some people will find them challenging, they are well within the reach of most athletes (and most demographics if scaled appropriately).

Want to see how you can do the Pistol?  Check out this great video by my friend Adrienne Harvey to see a host of Pistol variations that you can do to get stronger, move better, and build legs (and a butt) of steel!



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