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Women and Pull Ups

I think one of the great things about the PCC (Progressive Calisthenics Certification) is that it is getting a lot more people doing Pull Ups (PU) and Pull Up variations. While the PU is a staple of body weight training it can be challenging for men to do and damn near impossible for women.  There are a host of reasons why women (and most men) can't do a PU; everything from poor grip strength to weak lats can be blamed.  In women in particular it usually boils down to a deficit in upper body strength - a problem that can be rectified with some dedicated training and a liberal dose of patience.

The PU is within reach of pretty much any healthy individual - as long as they are willing to work for it.  There are a large number of regressions and progressions that you can work through to get you to your first PU.  Check out the following video by Senior RKC Beth Andrews on how to use the Flexed Arm Hang to get you closer to your dream of doing a PU!