Whacked Out Wednesday Number 37
Revisiting The Pistol

Get The Heck Up!

FallenA video has been circulating around the Web that shows a doctor putting several volunteers through a test (The Sitting and Rising Test or SRT).  It's a simple test: get up off the ground using as few limbs as possible.  His theory is that the fewer limbs used the better and this test can be used as an indicator of longevity and survivability. I think the theory is good and I strongly believe that everyone, athlete and non-athlete, can benefit from spending some time practicing how to get up off the ground.  By all appearances it sounds like a simple task but in reality it can show you a lot about someones weaknesses and mobility issues.


Check out this video to see 53 ways to get up off the ground; some are going to be easy for everyone and some are going to be out of reach for many.

Check out this link about the test on NBC News.



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