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Whacked Out Wednesday Number 35

WowWelcome to Whacked Out Wedensday Number 35!

This week we have another person who has completely missed the mark when it comes to how Kettlebells should be used... not only did they missed the mark, they're going in the wrong direction entirely!?!?  NOTE: this guy has a number of other videos as well... :)

All good intentions aside how can any self-respecting trainer think that this stuff is going to elicit any sort of positive change or adaptation in a client?  I understand the whole "self expression thing" but when someone is paying you to get them off the couch and change their body composition then you have to do something that is going to do just that.  Making up stuff that you think will fill up the clients time is the same as taking money out of their wallet - you're stealing from them!

Have a great week and we'll see you here next week for more Whacked Out Wednesday fun!



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