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Deadlift: Push Not Pull!

Richard HawthorneThe Deadlift is one of the most important lifts that you can perform and one that will have a tremendous carryover in your overall strength.  Most people, even those that are "coached" on a regular basis,  approach the Deadlift as pulling the bar off the ground and their position (starting, mid-point, and completion) show just that: they are pulling.  If you don't know if you are pulling the bar or not - chances are you are pulling the bar!

To have a stronger Deadlift you have to eradicate the pull out of the movement and approach it more as a push; as in pushing the ground away from the bar.  When you finally wrap your head around this concept the Deadlift will completely change for you!  Watch most people Deadlift and you will see that their sequencing is based on pulling the bar; this will allow them to Deadlift for quite a while (until they injure their lower back that is) but it's going to limit the weight they can maximally pull and will also establish a weak movement pattern and locking sequence.

Take a look at the following video, it's a little long at 15 minutes, but listen to what Richard "The Ant" Hawthorne has to say and I think you'll be anxious to get in front of a bar and see if you can reprogram this movement.  BTW - this is what I have been talking about and demonstrating for years.  We are still working on the coaching cues but this movement pattern is pervasive throughout how we use the Bar and the Kettlebell... remember: in the grand scheme of things the load doesn't matter the movement does!



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