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Whacked Out Wednesday Number 31

It's that time again!  Time for another installment of Whacked Out Wednesday!

This has got to be the absolute shortest WOW to date at all of seven seconds!  But in that seven seconds you see all that you need to see - massive failure!!!  I'm sure the young lady in the video walked away with little more than a sore neck and a bruised ego but the end result could have been a lot worse.  This is the result of, in my opinion, jumping into a high level skill without "earning" the right to do it by mastering all of the skills and strengths before it. You see this all too often and the end result is at best frustration and at worse injury...


What is the takeaway from this video?  Get the basics down, be patient and develop the strength for the advnaced techniques before you need it.  Look for more next week... :)


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